Maintaining accurate data records of all Vanuatu citizens

CRIM manages birth, marriage, death, divorce records, issues birth certificates, National ID cards and more.

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All Vanuatu Citizens are required to have a National ID card to access Government services. If you don't have yours, contact us on how to get yours now.

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Vanuatu Department of

Civil Registration & Identity Management

The Vanuatu Department of Civil Registration and Identity Management is the official source of national documents in Vanuatu. It is responsible for maintaining and issuing birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other important documents that are essential for legal and administrative purposes. 

The department plays a crucial role in the provision of vital records for the people of Vanuatu and is committed to providing reliable and secure services to its users. With its user-friendly interface and online ordering system, the department ensures that individuals can easily obtain their required documents from the comfort of their homes. 

The Vanuatu Department of Civil Registration and Identity Management serves as an important institution that facilitates the smooth functioning of various government and non-governmental organisations in the country.


The Vanuatu Department of Civil Registration and Identity Management is mandated by an Act of Parliament to register all vital events in Vanuatu such as births, deaths (foetal and still birth) and marriages. To undertake this task effectively, and efficiently, the Civil Registration has its sub-registration offices in each province and also at sub-district level.

Registration of Birth

Citizens must register births to provide the child a National ID, in-country services, Birth Certificates etc.

Registration of Marriage

Vanuatu Recognizes Civil Marriages, Virtual Options, Custom Marriages, and Religious Marriages.

Registration of Death

Death registration helps statistical data and budgetary planning to have an accurate count of the population.

Issuance of National ID

National ID Cards allow for quicker identification of individuals, help in disaster relief, voting and more.

Registration of Adoption

Registration of any adoption in Vanuatu is essential for child safety and ciziten data.

Registration of New Citizens

Vanuatu Citizenship Commission grants many different types of citizenship such as Naturalization, Non-Citizen married to a Vanuatu Citizen and more.

Amendments of Civil Records

CRIM offers Amendments to Civil Records to be able to keep citizen records up to date for statistics and citizen services.

What do we do?

The Vanuatu Department of Civil Registration & Identity Management is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of births, deaths, marriages, and other vital events in the country. To find out more about the department click below.